I've lived as a recluse my entire life. I've only gone out for work and necessities. I'm uncomfortable even stepping out into my front yard. I've avoided any outings I've been invited to and have lived a life online.

Now after 30 years I want to step out into the world, make friends, talk to people and become the opposite of what I've been my entire life.

I've been doing it for the past 8 years and I've made very little progress. Well I've made progress mentally and have changed my state of mind but applying my knowledge to the real world is extremely difficult.

Anyone have any tips? I don't know where to go, who to approach or how to approach. After I say hey hello how are you doing? It's pretty much up to the other person to keep the conversation going and I just don't know how to keep it flowing on my own.

Social Anxiety

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  • PoopityScoop


    ❤️you’re not alone. I actually felt so relieved that actually I’m not alone in this too. For me it was really hard to breathe and think when meeting new ppl. Sometimes it’s so embarrassing. Would it be possible for you to start virtual meets? Google is a great source (like social anxiety support, or social anxiety community)? Start super tiny small. Or you can kee talking here! And I feel like it’s okay to rely on the other people because 99% of social interactions can only go on with reciprocity (meaning both you and the other person have to put in effort to keep it going), and especially with social anxiety, you shouldn’t force yourself to keep the conversation going all in your own ❤️ anything I said is just based on my personal experience, so they aren’t the ultimate truth, and your experiences are valid, so I want you to know that I’m not here to invalidate you

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