I'm randomly anxious, depressed and having panic attacks for no reason. I'm at work and want to cry? IDK why???


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  • Typicaldeepgenz


    That can happen I'd talk to a doctor maybe u need to switch up your medication or increase it . Take some time to relax after work and focus on what u love and take it easy

  • Eren2273


    I'd recommend asking your doctor about a mood stabilizer medication

  • HocusFocus


    My mate and I just got into a huge fight

  • SecondChance



  • susuwatari


    If at all possible take some time for yourself, ask if you can leave if necessary, bad days like this are really hard, be kind to yourself! I agree with other people talk to your doctor etc, maybe there's been a trigger or maybe a change in medication might be needed!

  • AstraDragon


    Definitely talk to your doctor. This is something they need to know about. You are not doing anything wrong. These things happen. We are here for you no matter what!

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