anybody else a young woman with older husband like me trying to conceive? I've been trying for a year. anybody got a positive? so I know there's hope instead of goin to doctor

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  • Kayla_K1989


    I have infertility. I'm 32 my husband is 37. We went to get fertility treatment and everything for me was normal except unpredictable periods. We didn't text him because we thought it was me and i didn't want to pay for more testing. We tried since treatments, but took a break. I randomly started having regular periods after 2 years off of birth control. I randomly got pregnant. Fast forward 3 years and we've been trying to get pregnant again. I've been off birth control for almost 2 years. We went specifically trying until about 6 months ago. I'm very regulat now so I'm thinking it's maybe him this time. But who knows. He isn't ready to get tested and wants to keep trying for a bit. So not sure if it's his age. They say if you've been trying for a year and no pregnancy then to go to a fertility doctor. Good luck. I feel your pain❤️

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