does anyone else have dreams/nightmares involving the Intrusive thoughts or at least intense vivid dreams/nightmares that cause you to wake up anxious?

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  • kc123


    Yes! They normally pop up during times where I'm already stressed (which doesn't really help) ❤️ easing whatever is stressing me out irl usually helps me, but they're still a pain to deal with nonetheless

  • ashgever


    I can feel perfect relaxed and happy and then have nightmares involving scenarios that make no sense but make me anxious. They involve intrusive thoughts and the desire to do something to make them stop.

  • anubisplane


    Oh yes, wake up covered in sweat, anxious, horribly tired, scared to sleep again....continues for a couple weeks nightly.

  • LadyofRivendell


    That happens with me!! Wake up in sweat, anxious. I feel that I suffer while I'm sleeping - I want to wake up and can't. I usually have very long dreams, with normal stuff about my rl and they still affect me. When I'm super stressed, I have more nightmares and/or with intrusive thoughts That intensified since I started treating for bipolar

  • Strawberry_Princess



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