what should i do when i can tell my meds arent working anymore. like ive always had a hard time switching medications and a lot dont work for me so i guess im just really nervous about bringing it up to my psychiatrist

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  • vitamin_T


    is it just personal issues regarding confrontation, or has your psych been difficult about it in the past?

  • laceyandme


    My meds sont work good fpe the most part either. Ive tried 8 different anti psychotic amd 6 differejt anti depressant. For my schizophrenia. Im finally on ones that work good for now i have this fear they will stop workinf cause one of my anti psychotic med is at the highest dose it can go. So if that one stops working im screwed

  • Zuma


    I have been on the medication Guanfacine (I don't remember the shortened name for it) for over 6 years, and then I went to the mental hospital in March and they forgot to put that one in my med list for what to take while I was there. Turns out, the Guanfacine I had become immune to its effects and the pill is just something to swallow. It didn't take effect anymore. So my doctor got told about it, and we took me off of Guanfacine, and it's a good thing too. I had to take the pill THREE times a day. One in the morning, at noon, and close to supper, which was 4 or 5 p.m. It was annoying, plus sometimes I forget to take them if I'm busy with something or don't think about them.

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