I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in February. I was told that Hashimoto's is what caused my hypothyroidism. I found out this month that Hashimoto's numbers don't go down with the medication. I would like to naturally get rid of my Hashimoto's with the intention of then curing my hypothyroidism. I'm trying gluten free, dairy free and refraining from processed foods and sugars. thoughts or anyone had success curing their Hashimoto's?



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  • LaDawn


    I wasn't aware that medicine doesn't help? Why do you say it doesn't help with the numbers going down? My primary doctor mentioned it getting help with Idione but I haven't seen a endrocologist yet. Also look into Medical Medium on FB and YouTube. Very helpful in breaking down why these things happen.

  • Karkeys


    Levothyroxine does help with Hashimoto's, so I'm not sure what you're specifically referring to with that claim. You can't get rid of Hashimoto's, there is no cure for it, but you can manage it with medications.

  • Yee_haw


    They say you can put hashi’s in remission with a good diet…sounds like you are well on your way.

  • blue89


    similar to this, I had issues with medication working for years because of the dosage (of levothyroxine) being too low Finding a good endocrinologist can make the difference and one who cares how your symptoms are instead of just levels

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