Does anyone else get nauseous, almost morning sickness like symptoms when they wake up? including the repulsion to cooking bacon. It happens especially if I don't get enough quality sleep or if I wake up during the day, early morning and later afternoon is usually okay unless I didn't sleep well. I know im not actually pregnant and this has been happening since I was a teen and got drastically worse in high school when I was only regularly getting 4-6 hours of sleep (at night)

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  • veggiebean


    I have been waking up with a stomache ache for about 2 years now....

  • PEMprincess


    I feel i just have a permanent stomach ache 😭 get with a gastroenterologist if you can. Many CFS/ME patients also have Ibs amongst other things. This is a condition that often reportedly comes in what I call “stacks”, meaning accompanied by other symptoms/diseases after its onset.

  • PEMprincess


    I actually found out I was sick bc I found out I lost 20 pounds in one months time without trying to lose weight. The nausea was so disruptive Id not be able to eat for days at a time- longest being 3 & a half days, and this would occur multiple times in a month. Gastroenterologist. Sending my love, happy healing 💝

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