I was born with the sickle cell trait, and recently have been feeling lightheaded 24/7. I went to the doctor and had to push to get blood work done only to find out I have microcytosis. Asked my dad and he said my aunt has beta-thalassemia. Does anyone else have experience with both? If so how does it effect your life?


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  • Peggy


    i have thalassemia, i’ve dealt with low blow pressure symptoms all my life (tiredness, light-headed, some nausea even) usually helps to eat salty or sugary things, and also gatorade helps a lot. Did they prescribe anything? If you want a quick solution, try putting a pinch of salt under your tongue and let it dissolve, let me know how it goes!

  • Peggy


    lol I just noticed I wrote blow pressure lolll I meant BLOOD pressure, thanks

  • WarriorJam


    I have alpha thalassemia and it mainly effects my iron. I can get boils and hives and headaches if my iron is too high. I can’t be exposed to too much heat or vitamin C. I have to be careful with my diet to watch my iron intake and make sure I have enough salt and sugar because my blood pressure is low. My first warning is ringing in my ears and then a headache.

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