Does anyone else have allodynia? It's a nerve thing that causes pain in the skin. Mine flares up when I touch something cold or when I'm sick. I was wondering if this is a FM thing or if this is just EDS.

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  • Fairy_Sparkle


    Hi I have FM and recently I had a really bad flare up where my clothing would feel like it was burning my skin and oddly enough the vibration of my phone going off caused me pain.

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    This is a fibro thing. It could be and EDS thing too but I know it’s part of Fibro for sure. It sucks for sure either way

  • bat


    i didn’t know this was a thing i just described it as my skin being on fire

  • sam_023


    I have FM and this same pain and I don't have EDS. Now that I'm on my FM meds I only have it with flares.

  • lunae


    I believe I have this too. I was having this weird choking sensation and pain from wearing a necklace for a few days.. I feel my skin burn sometimes even from light touch. It makes me feel crazy

  • paigeboleman


    i never considered that this was a “thing” it happens to me very randomly and it drives me crazy. usually i can’t even put a light blanket on my legs!! i have eds and fm, so good to know it’s an fm thing

  • Sexylady


    Yes, and I feel like my skin is crawling! My pain and irritability get so bad that I feel like running through a wall!!!

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