Have any of you with ADHD ever found caffiene to actually help you sleep better when taken in the afternoon? Even if it's a smaller amount like green tea and not a cup of coffee.

I'm curious about all of your experiences with it.


Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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  • AveryWumbo


    A lot of the time caffeine makes me very tired. But then if I have it late in the day, I stay up?? It's very inconsistent for me lol

  • MothD


    Caffeine is actually known to have the reverse effect on those with ADHD than those without! In other words, it's super common for those with ADHD to be tired from caffeine. The biggest issue is that caffeine is an addictive substance and you can accidentally build a tolerance to it. 😔 However, if it helps you sleep then that's a good thing! Insomnia is (unfortunately) extremely common in those with ADHD.

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