I'm curious if anybody has any advice on how Not to engage?? I need something to say or do to allow myself to walk away, when arguing with somebody not in their right mind, I go to rage quickly, and obviously I know that's because I've been hurt .

Chronic Irritability and Anger

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  • breez1e


    sometimes if i am like in the heat of the moment and just want to cause a problem, i force myself to walk away from the situation and isolate myself from the world until im back in a better headspace. i feel like walking away and taking a moment can help you cool down and think of things rationally

  • Pusheenlover


    This is a very hard thing to learn and work on. As good as it feels for you to engage, it feels even better for the person getting the rise out of you. Just try to imagine yourself as a “better person” for not even engaging and giving the person two cents of your worth. Don’t hold it in though. When healthy and safe let those feelings out. Whether it’s with tears or punching a pillow or bed. Remember how shitty you’ll feel after going off on someone who won’t change their ways because of their small mind. Take that power back from them and put it into what you want. Could even be art! It’s up to you

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