So in the past few years I've met some people who have helped me with a lot of my issues with depression and anxiety, but they have pointed out to me that a lot of my behaviors are autistic, and looking into it more I find more and more things that make me align to be somewhere on the spectrum. As an undiagnosed adult, are there any resources to help with things like getting a job? I never really understand the social aspects of it.

Social Anxiety

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • justforfun


    Sometimes with autism and especially whenever it gets combined with ADHD it can be rather easy to achieve unemployment status or disability I have a friend who's dealing with both and his pride doesn't allow him to get on a disability and I'm kind of struggling with the same kind of problem but especially with the pandemic going on it's easiest to avoid burnout by just getting on disability for the time being at the very least.

  • justforfun


    Then you get a budget that you can spend on food or you know your interests or invest I wouldn't recommend spending it all on your interests given we're about to go through a recession though

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