I want to quit taking my meds and be a happier person.


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  • Lucas.exe


    Are meds making you sadder?

  • AmandaLowther


    Yes not fixing the problem

  • Doglover25006


    There is a time and place for medication, but I also full heartedly believe in lifestyle choices and homeopathic methods of healing. But I would caution against going off any meds without a conversation with your doctor and having a plan on how to move forward safely. But trust your instincts. You know yourself best and if you feel the meds aren’t helping they probably aren’t.

  • Purplelover8838


    I feel the same too alot of the time. I think asking your nurse would be good. That way they can give you advice on a safe way to quit or whatever you decide with them. Sometimes I get sick of trying to get better, but I get scared to be back in some places I've mentally been before. Definitely get medical advice before changing anything. ❤️

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