Bone specialists recommending reclast Infusion. done some research and not impressed. Read some stories from patients and doesn't sound very good. Anyone have a good experience on it??



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  • Sleak67


    I have to get a 4th scan because I want to be put back on something for osteoporosis. They took me off pill after 3rd dexa scan. I've been having falls from strong tremors taking me off balance so my casemanager had me get life alert. I just want functional quality of life back. Now the osteoporosis is causing problems in my jaw along with the tmj and and mandibular dystonia. I want IV but haven't heard good about it.

    • uno


      I updated on your other post but I don't see anything good with reclast Infusion. Read over a 100 patient reviews and probably only 20 say it was manageable. Others, extreme joint, muscle pain, jaw pain, respiratory problems, list went on and on.

  • Dianaw


    You have to watch the meds. They all have side effects. I refuse to take alot of meds. Find other ways. I'm 66 have osteoporosis, neuropoty(fibromyalgia) degenerative disc disease. 9 herniated discs. High BP. Asthma. Had limes in 2007 since then I've been diagnosed with all of this. And more. I take BP pills. And lots of vitamins. I also have sciatica so bad. Exercise helps. I was on percocet(oxycodone). When they wore off I felt worst than before I took them. I take naproxin now.over the counter. Seems like I get all the bad reactions to the alot of prescription drugs the prescribe. Anxiety too. Just deal with that. Don't like big crowds.

  • uno


    aww so much you deal with. I took myself off pain meds years ago for that very reason. Made me feel like superwoman on them, overdid to much, then next day more pain than ever till you take some more. Terrible, disgusting cycle and had to break it. I'm blessed with all the diagnosis, only pain I really have is in hands from arthritis and some in legs,/feet due to neuropathy. Nothing so bad that has made me use something for 5 yrs now. Have found couple of natural things to help. Prayers

  • Dianaw



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