has anyone else had a bad experience with a medical physician? more specifically where you felt pressured to make a decision by a doctor?

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  • Jojo1084


    I recently had an interaction with a doctor, a female OBGYN, in which I felt very dismissed. She had very little reaction to my descriptions of my pain, she quickly said surgery probably wouldn’t make a difference, and she told me right away that I would likely need some form of fertility treatments in the future in order to conceive. It was overwhelming and I left feeling pretty terrible. Sadly, I think this happens a lot. I went to another doctor who was a completely different experience. She was also hesitant about surgery being helpful but she took the time to explain why. Don’t let one doctor’s opinion or perspective take over everything. Keep searching until you find a doctor or a plan that feels right for you, deep down. Right in your mind and in your body. 🙏🏻

  • TTime


    Went to 1 obgyn about severe pain, she dismissed it as a bad period although I had it throughout my cycle day and night for over a year. Saw obgyn 2 and was told to go on birth control to fix the problem because I had cysts (and I was ttc for 3 years already) the birth control was so horrible to my body and when I explained all the new symptoms the doctor said I'm so sensitive and there's no other way to help me. Went to obgyn 3 and in one visit she said you only have 1 cyst not 4, that is your tube blown out-it's hydrosalpix and needs to be removed, and I have endometriosis. Had a laparoscopy, got the 1 tube out, most endo removed, the tube I have left won't open after 2 hsg tests. I asked to get the ftr during laparoscopy if tube wouldn't open, doctor agreed but never did it. Now I have to fork out like $20,000 for IVF

  • Spooxk


    Oh man…absolutely. I was in and out of physician offices and emergency rooms for my severe pains as well as nausea…was always gaslit and told it’s “probably just anxiety” and “bad period cramps”, and was basically made to feel like a hysterical woman. My best advice—stand your ground, always—and be your own advocate. You are the patient and you are in control. Make them take you seriously. That doesn’t mean being nasty, of course—but don’t back down just because they’re the medical experts. You’re the one feeling your symptoms, and you know your body best!

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