almost kissing 300 pounds I need to lose weight.
I am looking for something easy and fun not a lot of exercise!
I had a stroke a couple of years back" I use a cane.
can't take any diet pills I have high blood pressure.
also have kidney disease I think stage 4
diabetes but controlled" help

Renal Failure, Uremia

Occlusion of Cerebral Arteries

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Yufufu


    I have a gaming system Nintendo Switch and it has some fun games that actually make you sweat. Maybe you can look into that, I use a wheelchair most of the games have so far been friendly.

  • Krissyfeenix


    Same boat as you...losing weight is so hard when your always tired. I've been eating low carb so far 20lbs down in a month

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