I was engaged to a amazing guy who understood all my past hurt and he passed away November 6th 2020 from a aneurysm. A lot of hurt after that happened and not just grief. I been working on of self and I'm finding it also really hurting. I am also looking for a new therapist because the one I had isn't at all LGBT++ friendly.


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  • Meanevilperson


    Growing is very hard and it hurts. But it's so worth it when you can look back and see and feel how you've grown as a person and how much happier you are. I'm very sorry for your loss and very proud you're choosing to work on yourself and be better :)

    • Dots_Thepup


      I'm working on both my health and talking about past stuff and slowly telling everyone I'm genderqueer when forever I only let my fiance that passed know

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