has anyone had an issue taking your pills everyday? I take a generic xoloft once daily and I know it's good for me and I know I feel so much better when I take it and it only takes a second but I don't know there's just something in me telling me not to take it if I'm feeling fine even though I know I only feel fine if I take them every day.

at first I thought it was a, "you've seen your dad when he had to go weeks without his meds and that was awful what if you run out?" but because of this habit I actually have like 5 months worth of pills so I don't know. right now this is the only medication I take and I'm not in and kind of therapy


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  • archerinnit


    Its more an issue with me remembering. If you have any med tracking apps, use those! If those dont work, then set frequent alarms for when you have to take your meds. Also, I totally get the imposter syndrome. But also treat it like an antibiotic for your doctor except for your brain. You would still finish the meds even if you're feeling better, right? I understand it's different, but I feel like if you have trouble seeing your mental illness as an illness, maybe that can be the first step? Treat your meds given to you by a psychiatrist like medicine you got from your PCP for a sore throat or something. It may not be much, but it'll work. A lot of people don't see depression or anxiety as disabilities or illnesses the way they see the common cold or long covid or a bone/muscle atrophy, but in order to keep on top of things for us, we have to say "hey, I have a disease, and it's not going to get better unless I talk with a specialist or take medicine." Sorry I went on a tangent but I hope this helps! Again, treat it like an antibiotic for your brain! Thats how I take my meds and keep on top of them. Treat yourself like youre sick if you're having an especially bad time. But always remember - it truly does get better 💕

  • Geek4life


    I used to do the same thing. It was just something telling me not take it and I wouldn't take it. My mom was on antidepressants and one time she ran out and she wasn't the person I knew. I have the self awareness to know I need to take it but something made me not want to.

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