Does anyone get anxious for no reason but it just feels like your insides are twisting? Its horrible and makes me feel so uncomfortable. I could be sitting on my couch and I get so so anxious for absolutely no reason.

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  • Kat78


    I do. Then I'd get more anxious bc I can't find out what I'm anxious about and it's a downward spiral from there

  • Sheri232


    Feels like my insides are screaming and no one can hear me and I panic. I check alarms and look out windows and doors to make sure no one is there. I get scared (spooked) feels like I'm being watched . Anxiety is thru the roof

  • Ford


    This is the same for me.

  • Cookiee


    My anxiety was manageable most of my life up until last fall. Now it's daily and it goes straight to my gut. Feels exactly like my intestines are being twisted or squeezed. I deep breathe, meditate or distract myself the best I can. I also take Buspar which has been working most of the time. Or I get my bestie to help calm me as he has been my daytime anxiety medicine lately.

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