I'm on zoloft rn, and I can't sleep more than 4 hours, and I still can barely eat. I start work back up soon and I im seriously worried about my body running down.
has anyone else had this problem, and how do I fix it?





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  • Emma8901


    Hello there! I can definitely relate to this. In addition to depression, I also have PCOS, IBS, and I am diabetic. Food has always been challenging for me, and I can absolutely relate to only sleeping 4 hours at a time. If you can, try taking applesauce pouches or PB crackers with you. It's something small but the protein from PB goes a long way. Also, I found smoothies were a great alternative to eating in the mornings when food sounded awful. You can put any combination of fruit in there, add Greek yogurt, spinach, milk or even fruit juice, and I also add a small drizzle of honey and paprika. (You can't taste it at all, but I heard it's good for your immune system)

  • JingleP


    Is it possible to ask for a med to help with the sleep? Also on Sertraline and I can’t sleep without clonidine because it makes me drowsy. It’s good that it’s a pretty low impact med for hypertension. Try to find any way to get nutrients and calories. Protein bars personally work best for me. Granola and cereals taste like a treat but are often enriched with nutrients. Sometimes if I really can’t eat I’ll get a few scoops of ice cream just to eat anything. I hope things get better for you! It sounds awful 💕

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