So, I'm a couple of months into a new programming job and I'm realizing something about how I learn. A lot of training has been more verbal, which doesn't stick in my brain very well.

I do get benefits from being talked through a process, but when I make mistakes and the more senior team members feel compelled to slowly talk through the entire process it makes it even harder for me to actually remember what I need to change, and I can tell that they get just as frustrated as I do when I make errors.

Has anyone tried requesting accommodations such as written instructions/requests for work items? So far a lot of how I have been working around this stuff is just creating my own documentation as I need it, but that is terribly slow.

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Yes I have! Usually people are very accommodating to that. They usually have me sit with them at their desk and they explain the instructions verbally as they type them out so when we’re done talking they just send them to the printer and send me on my way. I’m allowed to come back and have them make notes if I feel they missed a step or I get confused somewhere. I don’t know if that’s a system that would be available to you. If not, I’ve also just had a notebook and pen always on hand and write as people talk. I usually tell them to give it to me one step at a time so when I’m writing I don’t get confused. These might be time consuming but so is continually messing up due to a lack of proper accommodations. I’d go with something that is as simple for them to remember to do as for you to start with. That might even just be “hey can you email the project details to be later so I have a point of reference?” Once you get comfortable you can change your request to something that works better or just work something more permanent. I hope that makes sense

  • Tom1991


    I think you should try asking for it. I believe your effort to improve your ability to learn and advance at work will be appreciated more than you think. Good luck!

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