I’m having a rly tough time right now, i don’t know what’s wrong with me, i always forget stuff, and i can’t concentrate on anything, i’m always thinking abt shit i need to do or have done, and it’s bugs me, and i can’t control my emotions it just rushes in and it smacks me, like sometimes i feel sad, another week i feel angry, and other week i feel fine? and my parents make it worse they j think i’m being bitchy, when i just can’t help it, it rlly does a toll on my stability.

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  • ktaing1883


    I can totally relate to these overwhelming feelings of emotional dysregulation. I'm also going through a tough time right now so just know you're not alone. I was originally diagnosed with anxiety and depression but was also recently diagnosed with adhd and bpd. Hang in there ♥️

    • blad


      do you think i should get tested for adhd and bpd, i have a lot of symptoms but i’m kind of scared, because i feel like if i have them my dad will think less of me

      • ktaing1883


        Your health and well-being comes first. If you think you could benefit from a diagnosis or even speaking with a professional, I would go for it! I know adhd diagnoses are particularly difficult to get sometimes but I've heard good things about Done ADHD

  • Food_Fighter


    Not A Therapist but Sounds Like You Should See A Doctor To Rule Out Bipolar or Hormonal Imbalance. ..Also the Thyroid can Show Same Symptoms. But Get Help And Support..You Can’t Get Better Without Help

  • Moochie


    You have to live on the present

  • Stevem


    Get tested as soon as you can.. My brother never got tested Nd they swept his condition under the rug. Many years later things got worse. Please! Approach it head on. Test the meds they give you and make an effort to get stabilized.

    • blad


      thanks for the advice, i’m talking to a psychiatrist soon, so hopefully it goes well

  • BrookeAlyse


    It seems like you’re experiencing some brain fog. It’s not anything that can be medically diagnosed but I know this is something so many people with chronic illnesses get. I have experienced this so much and it really gets so frustrating. I have definitely experience the frustration of forgetting things & not being able to concentrate on anything. What helped me with this is taking b12 supplements!! Those helped me tremendously. I’m so sorry all of this has been going on. I will be praying for you!

    • blad


      thank you sm, your prayers must have worked because i’m feeling somewhat better, i have things to do that completely brush off those bad feelings:)

  • KingKhan


    I have the same symptoms. One thing I’m trying right now is when I think of something I need to do I do it right away, this way it doesn’t clutter my brain with more things that I need to get done. I get overwhelmed when I think of all the things I have to do and it seems like I never het them done so trying this out is helping me unload my worries.

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