Any specialists that have helped you?

Symptoms Involving Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems

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  • Sassyfrassy


    My hepatologist is amazing. Best in the state. My GI doctor.. amazing in collaboration with my Hep. You’ve just got to assemble a good team. It takes time and unfortunately I know that sucks!!

  • Amyb


    The best specialists I have seen included a pelvic floor physical therapist and my acupuncturist. Obviously it will depend on your insurance and what you are needing but I have found acupuncture as such an amazing outlet. My provider listens to how I’m doing and the specific symptoms I’m struggling with. I have found it soo helpful.

  • Hale


    for me it was finding the right neurologist and that all of my doctors talked to each other which is how we found out that my epilepsy was linked to my period via my endo talking with my neuro. tldr: the right doctors that communicate

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