What do you guys do for neuropathy relief? I’m having a really hard time finding resources.

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  • RJT


    Do you have a Nuerologists that diagnosed you with that? If it is bad enough they can prescribe medication for it. I am on medication for my Peripheral Poly Nueropathy and Fibromyalgia

  • Kijo


    I have had peripheral neuropathy for about 7 years due to diabetes not one time that I've been prescribed an opioid or any kind of pain pill mostly it's Lyrica Cymbalta pills and that's it we're not even invented for neuropathy but are used for it I think I have every Sturm potion lotion that you ever seen on TV nothing really works to be honest I run hot water over my hands and rub with lidocaine or a different creams and pray sorry that's probably not good news I know there's all kinds of new stuff will try and my doctor is looking into that as well sometimes I just need a pain pill Louis and it's such a a back tablet now days because of overuse so people who really need the pain pills I punished for such use

  • Reesa


    I take a LOT of baths. I find the water soothing. My daughter comes and rubs my feet and legs- not a massage, just gentle/firm strokes. I find the contact makes a difference like it disrupts the haywire signals or something. On bad days, those strokes are made with a lidocaine cream. I used a strong capsaicin cream on my feet when the pain was newer and there were some nerves left to send signals. Now it's just confused ghost whispers. I don't do well with most pain meds but I do take gabapentin

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