How can I tell if I'm getting better? Oftentimes I feel like I'm progressing a little but most of the time it ends up reversing and I end up back where I started. Are there a few things I'll be able to notice if I'm progressing/healing?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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    For me honestly I feel more self worth when I’m progressing. I feel good knowing that I’m doing the “right thing” and if anything is going wrong in my life I shouldn’t blame myself for it. I mean BPD causes a lot of problems especially with relationships, but it’s not the cause of every problem. I have to be objective to know if I’m progressing. So for instance if I use a DBT skill and am successful with it. The more I do that the more I feel like I’m improving. It’s also important to have the external motivation to improve. You can want to change for yourself but in my experience it’s really hard to be consistent when you feel like you have nothing to lose. So building a life worth living and being able to maintain it is what really will show you if you have improved. Also, just because you regress doesn’t mean you aren’t improving as a whole. BPD behaviors are trauma responses and sometimes we are completely blinded by them. You just have to keep practicing the skills, have outside motivation, and continue to be self aware

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