How do you deal with a family member that screams and yells at you about being lazy and not doing enough for the “family” even tho you help all the fucking time and you’ve been helping since she’s gotten back home because I can’t take this anymore and idk what to do because I could go back and live with my parents and actually get a job so I can get a car and move out by 18 but I have to live in a camper or stay here where I can have my own room and privacy. I genuinely don’t know what to do


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  • BryceV


    That really fucking sucks and I can understand what you're going through because I'm going through that too if the house is not spotless and the laundry is not going there for I am a lazy piece of crap even though I kept my 4 siblings alive for 16 hours straight by myself, my parents never seem to give me a break, and when I got fired from my job did they comfort me and tell me that they are gonna help me find a new one? NO they didn't they told me to stop moping around and to find another job on my own since I'm 18 now, but just last year they were paying for the electricity bill and now I have to pitch in but I can't because I lost my job. So I can see the correlation yk?

  • Maggiemoo


    Yea it’s really awful thankfully my parents are actually really chill it’s my grandmother who is like this it’s who I’m living with at the moment but I don’t know if I’ll be ok mentally if I continue to stay here

  • morning_toast


    I can't say my situation was exactly like yours, but it's similar. My current plan is to go to college and stay in a dorm to avoid my parents. I'm wondering.... is going to college an option for you? I can't recommend moving out immediately after you turn 18 unless you think it's absolutely necessary because living on your own is a lot of work, maybe more than you might think.

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