i’m in the midst of a depressive episode and i can’t see anything good coming for me. due to many failed classes i won’t be able to graduate on time and for me (who has ocd and can’t handle change from my plans) this is making me feel worse. i feel like I’m screwed and I’m never going to be able to go to college and if i drop out and get my ged my dad will disown me. does anyone have advice?


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  • Bbyitalian


    Hey! I’ve struggled with this exact problem before. I went to a really prestigious university, had a bad episode, failed all my classes, had to drop out and move back home. I thought my life was over. But a year later, I’m taking classes at my local community college and I’m moving out to go to university again in the fall! Just because you won’t graduate on time doesn’t mean you won’t graduate at all. It sounds like you’re really overwhelmed. What worked for me was chunking everything into small, manageable tasks, and having my mom help me keep track of deadlines. Take a step back. You can be successful at your own pace.

  • Zillah


    I felt the same way. I am behind in college right now but my professors have been truly amazing and are working with me. I'm only taking two classes and my college has a program called Trio which helps people like us who are suffering. So my advice is to please reach out to any programs in your college and definitely talk with your instructors. I'm sure they would be happy to help you. I'm only in a community college but there is plenty of resources.

  • Jojo123


    I understand this year has been shit and I left school for over half the year. Talk to your counselor at the school make plans to get caught up. See if there’s anyway to go in early to work on some missed assignments. Also depending on if your school has it, there’s a way if you failed a class to go over the subject by yourself and take the test to pass the class. It takes a couple days max and some only take a couple hours to a day. If you need any help with some subjects you may also direct message me.

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