Life is only going to get harder as responsibilities and expectations pile up. Mental illnesses can be helped but not cured and I’m tired of convincing myself every day reasons to stick around and completely depending on medication. Yeah, things will get better, but only for a little while. There just aren’t many things convincing me that life is worth it

Suicidal ideation

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  • Shaya12


    Mental health is always a struggle, dealing with it until now shows how strong you are. Sometimes things life can be hard, but go ahead and look for things that are worth living for, maybe family, or traveling. Also speaking to someone can always be helpful. Stay strong, you are important!

  • Shroom_Fairy


    I completely agree, I don't really see a point if it's just going to get harder but then I remember something, love, the feeling of being in love and loved is the greatest thing in the world, if you stick around till you find them of they find you life will be so full of color and wonder and purpose, though our hearts may be broken sometimes well always find that someone who makes our heart flutter with joy, and we do the same to them, believe me, their is always someone out there

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