I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately by everyone telling me that I’m easy to talk to and they can feel comfortable around me which is great and all I love that but at the same time it’s overwhelming because it’s like a battery, I feel like I’m being drained and I need to recharge and be left alone for the rest of the day. Does anyone else ever get like this??

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  • Sparkie


    Yes I can relate to this 100%. I am this way as well, it's as if each person in your life requires a bit of your battery. I usually recharge by being by myself. I'm sorry you're feeling this way, know you aren't alone 😔

  • Jasmineflower


    Been there for sure! I have a hard time saying no so I tend to overdo things all the time which of course drains my battery quick! I'm learning to take alone time to help me recharge. You are not alone and hope you feel better after some recharge time!

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