anyone been recently medicated for ADHD and has a history of eating disorders? i’ve been on Adderall for a couple months now and lost a LOT of weight which has concerned others & has backtracked years of progress with my ED. any suggestions on stimulating one’s appetite & making food overall more enjoyable? and also how to handle the constant comments about one’s weight? thanks! 🙏🏼


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  • spacey_kacey


    thank you so much! and yes— weed has definitely been an option for me :) i think my only concern would be consuming CBD instead of anything w/THC bc as a grad student sometimes weed exacerbates my ADHD 😭 regardless it helps a ton so i like to smoke a couple times a week to make sure i’m calm/eating properly :)

  • Medwyn


    I make sure to eat a meal and then take my adderall with the final sip left in my drink. When my adderall ends I eat as soon as I get hungry and before my next dose I do the same

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