currently struggling w something weird. recently (past few months) i’ve had such a hard time socializing, picking up on social cues, finding the motivation to make friends, etc. but not in a depressing self isolation way? more like i suddenly forgot how to make friends. i think 1 reason is i just ended a friendship a couple months ago bcoz they were emotionally abusive but they were someone i’d been BEST friends with for about 2 years so i was really really used to them. i’ve always been charming and charismatic and never in my life had a hard time getting ppl to like me but now i can’t even pick up on simple social cues… i also started taking seroquel maybe 5 months ago??? i’m bad at time so i could be way off but since then my mind has gone quiet which is nice but my people tolerance has gone way down. i just don’t know what to do, i have a few people i really want to be close with like i was with my ex best friend but idk how to or if they even like me. i don’t like coming off as insecure in any situation ever but it’s hard here bud it’s quite literally that i just don’t know HOW to socialize anymore💀

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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