Is there a specialist i should see, i had pityriasis versicolor since highschool and i think it’s getting worse only now. i used Selenium Sulfide head &shoulder’s in the beginning, then turned to the soap and ointment i think it’s Naturasil i would use it consistently then started slowing down, is there foods i should avoid. I just want to to be gone away. Or any information on what work for you guys will be helpful since i never met anyone with this problem.

Selenium Sulfide



Pityriasis versicolor

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  • suds4967


    Ketoconazole shampoo. Every day

    • Taiheed


      i recent got the sulfur all purpose cream with the natrasile soap; it will make you small like hard sulfur but it works really good

  • Hcrocker18


    I highly recommend checking out this blog (https://simpleskincarescience.com). SO much helpful information about Malassezia-based conditions.

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