Hello, I just got diagnosed with herpes and I’ve had a hard time with this I also suffer from depression and anxiety


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  • Sammantha


    Hey there. I have been dealing with this to for the past year but in my eyes. I almost lost my left eye due to the ulcers caused by the herpes.

  • ClaudiaL


    I’m sorry you’re dealing with that anxiety and depression. It can be really hard when you’ve just been diagnosed or are going through an outbreak. Just know that it gets easier with time and you are not alone. This is a very common condition and there are many people out here who can support you. For me, the outbreaks were worse and more frequent in the beginning and became less severe over the past two years since I was diagnosed. When you’re feeling down, think about a care plan for yourself that will make you feel good and talk to your doctor for advice and to get the right meds, if needed. ❤️

  • Gutzee


    I had a hard time dealing with it at first thinking that I would never find a partner that would be ok with it. That was 5 years ago, and I rarely have outbreaks even without meds, and have had 3 partners since that I have told and was supported by all 3. It can be a challenge to deal with, especially at first, but it’s not the monster it’s made out to be.

  • em.ily03x


    i was just diagnosed in january and i also suffer from anxiety and depression, it was really hard for me the first few weeks after being diagnosed, i felt like i was at the lowest point mentally that i had ever been, but once i learned that it’s so much more common than i had previously thought, i’ve felt better about it. it’s normal and it doesn’t ruin you or your body, plus most people are really understanding about this condition! it really bothered me that i couldn’t ever be cured but i personally haven’t had an outbreak since i initially contracted the virus. just keep in mind it’s not as bad as society makes it out to be <3

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