does anyone else like sweat profusely after a shower even if your house isn’t hot at all? i’ve been struggling with this for awhile now and idk what to do

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Excessive Sweating


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  • Anxious


    It could be your anxiety I know I’m always hot and before my accident and anxiety I was always cold

  • Bubblegumpranker


    Yes, I just dubbed it to my body temperature trying to return to normal after a hot shower. I just take a 1 minute cold soak before I get out and I haven't really had the problem since.

  • heavensent.queen


    I would try rinsing off with cool water before getting out of the shower. Opening windows and doors should help too.

  • Lulu10


    Me! I hate this.. are you taking any steroids for any condition you have? It used to happen to me all the time when I was on steroids and now still happens to me sometimes. Maybe I’m just a sweaty person😅 Anyway, I agree with heavensent.queen about showering with cool water before getting out of the shower

  • Alwaystired0704


    thank you for all the responses! i tried using cold water for a couple seconds before i got out of the shower and it worked really well! i barely had any sweat on my face and i didn’t feel hot at all so thank you!!

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