I’ve really been struggling with feeling like I’m faking lately. It’s always been an issue for me where I look okay and seem okay to other people but really I’m suffering. I feel almost like I’m making it up for attention even though I know I’m not, I’m experiencing severe pain. It never appears that way though, I look “normal” on the outside. But on the inside I have so much chronic pain. Does anyone else struggle with feeling like they’re exaggerating because of other peoples actions? And does anyone have advice on healing this issue and working towards helping others understand?

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  • laidir


    I always struggle with those thoughts. For me I “make myself” look disabled. So I wear knee braces already but I hold onto others or carts. I mainly tell myself it’s not what others think it about how I feel. Just tell yourself “my pain may be invisible to others but that doesn’t make it any less real”

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