Any tips for pain when meds aren’t cutting it? I’m inflamed all over and the heat in my joints is overwhelming. Thankfully, it’s cold outside and that helps for a minute, but then my hands get too cold and it becomes painful. I’m trying to keep moving around, and I did take a walk today, but I’m looking for other ways to manage when it flares like this. All I want to do is sleep.

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  • Em33


    Light stretching, heated blanket, warm bath with salts, some dilluted peppermint or other oil with massage, relaxing hot tea, and happy distractions. Call up a friend on video call, share about your pain and other things that are happening in your life

  • funbuns420


    Medical marijuana has helped me out a lot! Lots of water too. I've noticed the more dehydrated I am the pain worsens.

  • BestieBet


    Are you taking something for nerve pain too? Lyrica made a huge difference for me!

    • funbuns420


      I'm on cymbalta and a muscle relaxer. The Dr wants me to try Lyrica but I had a bad experience with it.

    • MatchaBunn


      yeah, I’m taking Lyrica but it really just seems to increase my fatigue. I still have such bad pains in my feet after work that I guess I’ll have to try soaking them with Epsom salts.

  • saboteur


    i agree with the first two comments the most, i would also suggest those things! i find a way to get through bad days is by rewarding myself with something, whether it be some delicious snack or some take out or some item i’ve wanted for a while. treat yourself somehow, you deserve it! 💖

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