How do you pull yourself out of your lowest moments?

Suicidal ideation

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  • Stu


    Talk to someone. If they don’t answer, someone else. Giving yourself a delay on your urges while connecting with others has been extremely helpful for myself.

  • Bubble_Nugget


    The stoplight phenomenon, as I call it in my head, despite the made up name. I tell myself “I recognize how things are right now. I am acknowledging them” whether it be positive or negative emotions. “This is the only time I will experience this exact moment as I am experiencing it right now.” You can acknowledge the terrible feelings. That is the only time you will feel bad in the exact way that you do then. Technically, it will never happen again, so the awareness it will pass makes it easier to cope with. You can acknowledge the okay feelings. It can get better or it can get worse. Either way, you are choosing to recognize your personal contentment. You can acknowledge the best feelings. Take it all in and enjoy it while it lasts. Appreciate what you are experiencing now and the great memories it’ll make for later.

    • Bubble_Nugget


      If you’re at a red light, you can be grateful you’re keeping other people safe, as well as recognizing that it’ll be good and your turn soon. If you’re at a yellow light, you slow down for your own safety and the safety of those around you. You can wait your turn if it turns red. You can pass by lucky if you can get through while it’s yellow. If you’re at a green light, you can just keep going! I don’t know if my analogy will work for you, but it has worked for others. Just know you are not alone and you never need to be afraid to reach out for help.

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