I’m so close to ending everything.. I feel so alone and the at home abuse is too much to handle everyday. But I’m here because I’m afraid of death. Like I guess at least I’m still here? But I feel trapped.


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  • PinkPantalones


    You are not alone. This community is here for you.

  • Emii


    i feel alone all the time , not always necessarily because of how people treat me but because they don’t understand how i think due to my conditions. we are out there and we hear and understand you.

  • Camille444


    This is exactly how I feel, from the time I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. I understand and it’s a constant struggle, I hear you

  • rachelhoops


    please know that you are loved and it is so worth living. try some new hobbies or do things that you enjoy, you’ll see how amazing life is

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