Anyone have any recommendations on salt tablets for POTS? :)

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • redpanda3


    i ordered mine from online! they’re called safrel sodium chloride tablets and they’re a gram each

  • AliaRose


    I get salt stick tablets. There are several different flavors and have several electrolytes

    • AudaCity


      seconding saltstick they're excellent

  • AllieMae


    I use the Nuun tablets they are very affordable. Usually also add a little extra salt because I like the taste. They have electrolytes and 2g sugar

  • MissLucy_101719


    LMNT (offer a free sample, lots of salt), nuun (less electrolytes, good for days where you are not in a flare), Vitassium (discount offered for illness, chewable, fast, compact)

  • Asteroidrose


    i buy mine from Amazon lol. 1g salt tabs

  • heatherjp


    I use Vitassium salt sticks. I honestly haven't noticed a difference though.

  • Tav44


    i’m not so sure about salt tablets but when i’m in a pickle and i need some salt i juts take a handful of the little salt packets at food stands where i work. they’re easy to carry around and i usually take them with some water

  • 55isMe


    My doctor says NO for me, but hes okay with me adding as much salt as i want to my food. My kidney also impacted by the last 3 years of POTS, low potassium, high bp, high heart rate, inappropriate tachy, breast cancer, fun

  • spookyspoonie


    Liquidiv works best for me out of any pots supplement

    • Asteroidrose


      same but i hate the taste

  • pippydogduo


    Me personally I hate the salt tablets they taste so bad, so now I just eat salty foods and get salt sticks when I can afford them

  • ChronicIllnessBabe


    I honestly make a salty lemonade (only the tiniest punch of sugar, the rest is salt 😂)

  • masuyukki


    For a cheap alternative I use the sports electrolyte chews you can find them in Walmart at the sports section for like three bucks

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