Do you guys believe in hope? Like do you think it’s real and that it helps you get through situations?

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  • ForgetfulFerret


    I read a book, I think it’s called “everything is f$&@ed” by I don’t remember who. It talked about hope in one of its chapters as something we as a species should hold onto. Hope gives you something to look forward to and a goal to pursue. I believe hope is the want/desire for something(usually better) to happen. I believe it’s real. What are some things you want/desire to happen? There are times I also feel like hope is gone and nothing is improving but someone in my life once told me, “all situations, good and bad, are temporary and will pass. Don’t make any permanent decisions due to temporary problems.”

  • twinkle4


    Yes most definatly. Most days i dont feel that way.

  • lily234


    I think it can be really hard to have hope when dealing with depression. In my experience with trying and failing at feeling better, all the failed attempts make me lose hope even more. Then losing hope in one area spreads to others. That being said, I really do think that people who are able to have hope are better off mentally because it gives them something to live for. The times that I feel more hopeful are the times that I'm able to focus on the good instead of the bad which is hard, but always a work in progress.

  • JingleP


    Yes it can feel kind of exciting and help me hold out and makes it feel less painful. But it’s hard to induce hope if that’s just not what you’re feeling right now. I feel for me it’s better to just let hope be there or not be there because hope can help but it can also hurt to have it crushed. When I feel very little hope I try to focus on any little thing that will be a success and more avoid things that may not, if possible.

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