What is your view on vaping to cope with anxiety if you’re unable to take traditional anxiety medication? I find that it calms me down significantly outweighing the unhealthy side effects. I also suffer from narcolepsy that is worsened significantly by stress so I feel I can’t afford the high levels of anxiety I’ve been feeling. It should also be noted that I exercise regularly and watch what I eat.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • PhoenixDown2334


    I mean I currently do that with cigs but I was vaping for awhile. It's useful for sure but overtime it'll stop working.. hint on why I went back to cigs 😬😬 but it's a decent temporary fix but for long term not really. Hopefully that helped 😅😅😅

  • bongmaster


    personally, i think you may get more out of doing the same with medical cannabis. its recently been used more and more to help wean people off of nicotine products, too! i find that it helps a lot with my anxiety and better than any of my medication. if you live somewhere where you can get a med card, i highly recommend! otherwise, i totally understand vaping as your medication. i hope you can find something that works like that for you with less unhealthy side effects!

  • KirbyWirby


    I used to, and it helped me not do worse things to cope so I think if it works then keep doing it until you feel you can step away from it. I used the time to build other coping skills and then was able to quit. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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