i’m in the process of being admitted into ketamine therapy (i was already accepted it just takes time with insurance bc of how new it is) and i’m kind of scared. does anyone know anyone who’s tried it and how it’s worked for them? i just want to know what to expect

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  • ninners


    I’ve done ketamine before! It depends on if you’re doing the IV treatments or the take home nasal spray. I did the take home nasal spray the most. It’s most effective to try to connect with your inner/higher self during the treatment itself. Remember any images or words that come to your mind, focus on sensation in the body, and even ask your inner self and body to give you guidance. I know it sounds SUPER wacky, but those psychedelic drugs really connect you to your true self. It’s fascinating actually. Long term, I definitely experienced better mood, slight pain relief, and quite a bit of trauma healing as well. The next day can have a bit of a comedown, but it’s not too bad, especially if you were mindful and connecting during the “trip”. You can message me if you want any other info or tips. I hope this helps!!

  • Anthea


    i have a friend who did it! it was working well for a while but they have other medical complications that ended up getting in the way so they had to stop, but while they were on it you could tell it made a big difference

  • ravenous_rhinos


    I do intramuscular ketamine at a clinic, and it works wonderfully for me! Plus it's covered by medicaid. A couple of people I know didn't respond so well (bad medication interactions and nausea), but personally it's been a life saver.

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