I’ve been diagnosed with GAD, but today I saw a post saying normal anxiety was anxiety that can help motivate. I think often the only reason i do things is because I’m anxious.

I’m not always anxious and it’s not mostly for no reason and i don’t typically have a ton of physical symptoms as far as I’m considered, so does that mean it’s all just normal? Do I really even have anxiety? Am I just faking it…

There’s not a cure for anxiety right? only ways to manage it and get better at coping with it?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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    Here’s the thing. Your anxiety, at the end of the day, are just electrical pulses. If you can acknowledge that, you know that your anxiety is similar to a notification badge on your messages app. Not deadly or a sign of system malfunction, just there to notify you of something that requires attention. Then you can just open up the app, look at the message, and respond to it. Anxiety is a tool, nothing more than an indicator that your attention is needed in the present.

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