how do i know my lexapro is working?


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  • Dick


    How long have you been on it? I am about 4 months in and do not notice a large change. I am considering changing medications

  • xan


    mine has stoped working; so i’m considering changing my medicine

  • Vixly


    I was on lexapro for 3 years before I switched. In my opinion it’s very hard to tell if it’s helping or not. It’s not very good at making you happy but it can eliminate really low points. If you have a lot of breakdowns (like me) you can notice it decreasing those

  • jordie1k


    I have mixed thoughts on lexipro

  • vanitas


    for me, lexapro didn't work until i started taking it with wellbutrin as well. obviously everyone is different, but asking about different medications might help you find what's right for you! good luck

  • Itsjustcali


    I back up Vixly on my feelings regarding lexapro, I don’t feel euphoric or heavily motivated, but I don’t have as many low points (eg. unaliving thoughts) as I used to

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