how do u talk to ppl u done know? like what the frick do u even talk abt T - T

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  • suspiciouscat


    i start asking favorites colors and random stuff tbh. tell stories and try to find common ground.

  • matchalover


    in social settings irl, i start by bringing up the surrounding. like if we’re in the class i might start asking them what their grade is, if they like the teacher, what they think about an upcoming assignment, etc. or bond with them how much homework you’re getting and how annoying the teacher is or something. i however personally prefer by complimenting a person then trying to start something from there. like by complimenting a band shirt they’re wearing and starting a convo from there. it takes practice, but by forcing yourself to do it more and more it gets easier i promise:)

    • digitalgf



  • ina


    this is something i rlly struggle with. here's some tips i've gathered. • the goal of an interaction is to learn more about the person and share some things about yourself. don't focus on being interesting, be interested in them. • making people feel good about themselves makes them like you a lot more. ask about their passions, hobbies, relationships. compliment what they clearly care about, ex. it looks like they spent a lot of time on their hair today. laugh at their jokes, listen and make it obvious you're listening, say their name often. • prep a quick summary of your day/week/weekend in case anyone asks you. that way you can say something interesting instead of "uhh, not much". • if you don't know what to say, repeat the last few words someone said. ex. "so now i want to travel to europe". "travel to europe?". "YEAH because [reasons]". you can do it over and over and the other person will just keep talking • also use HPM to come up with responses. (history- how does this relate to my experiences? philosophy- what is my opinion/belief/attitude about that? metaphor- what does this remind me of?) ex. "ugh i spent 2 hours cleaning my room last night". (history- "yeah cleaning takes me so long but i finally found my 3rd pair of airpods." philosophy- "most people hate cleaning but i honestly think it's relaxing." metaphor- "oh it's like that one episode of spongebob where..."

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