Does caffeine effect stimulant medications?
I feel like days I drink coffee my med (vyvanse 20mg) isn’t as effective. I’m new to stimulants (started Tuesday) so I’m curious. I would have thought caffeine would have worsened side effects, not made it less effective.

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  • Kelcjo


    It definitely does as does any acidic substance. Pepcid can increase the effectiveness as well. I usually avoid any acidic drink or food (coffee, citrus, soda, etc) for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after taking adderall.

  • CrohnsyPoo


    Yeeeesssss! A very a big yes for me. I started taking ADHD medication when I was 30 years old . Can't drink more than a couple cups of tea without feeling manic #ExCoffeeAddict. Kelco, glad to relate to someone else who's taken Pepcid and noticed the same reaction. I never need Pepcid and the one week I took it, I was such an angry person, felt over medicated, and was extremely jittery. When I normally take my ADHD medication, I don't feel the medicine and I go about my day as a calm, collected person who can focus. With Pepcid, it was way worse than any day of not taking ADHD medicines.

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