Any tips for newly diagnosed dust mite allergy? Doctor said “cover your bedsheets”, what did they mean?

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  • Doc_Eosino_Thrill_Ya


    I dont know what they meant. But you can buy allergy blocking mattress covers and those are cool. Change your pillow case like once or twice a week. Dust with baby wipes (less chemicals and traps dust), clean any fans or ceiling fans in the house; you wouldnt believe how fast they build up dust. I hope this helps!

  • Snapp


    There are some dust mite protective pillowcases/bed covers. Maybe they meant that?

  • carrot_queen


    I agree, I *think* they mean buying dust mite protective covering for your bed

  • carrot_queen


    Also make sure to wash your sheets with hot water. This helps kill the dust mites! I usually try to wash my sheets once a week, which is a pain but definitely alleviates some of my symptoms

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