So I went to an asthma doctor today and she mentioned putting me on heart burn medication. Does anyone else use heartburn medication? Does it help?

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  • SakuranoHana


    I've been on heartburn medication most of my life and depending on how bad your heartburn is depends on meds but it's helped me when it's worked

  • cardeg


    Works for me . Been on esophageal reflux meds for many years. If I don't take it, my body lets me know...

  • katiegirl20021


    I take heartburn meds with my asthma and it works really well for me and when i don't take it my body will let me know 👍

  • Elyot


    I take medication for both heart burn and acrid reflux for my asthma and they have both worked wonders for me I used to have 4 or more asthma attacks in the night and I would wake up having to use my inhaler every time and the night I started using that medication was the first time in MONTHS I hadn’t woken up in the middle of the night because I couldn’t breath. It really does help me a lot!

  • 1Jonesy


    I use omeprazole daily. Trust me it's worth it unless there's another natural remedy that your doctor has recommended for you to do. I don't receive any side effects from it luckily it takes away the metallic taste and the chest pain that I usually get with acid reflux.

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