anybody with GAD who's on medication? how was the starting process like for you? what's it like now? i'm thinking about conversing with my psychologist about potential meds and i'm very anxious (fitting, i know)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Mr._Dank


    Don’t let them “test” random drugs on you that aren’t made for your condition. Especially if your anxiety is severe. My doctor has been doing that to me and I’m getting worse. Be upfront. I have severe GAD and social anxiety mixed with the lovely severe depression & PTSD. I thought she would know what she was doing, but she doesn’t. You know how you feel. So tell them what you need to help you take the steps to get better. Psychologists don’t give you medications, but psychiatrists do. Psychologists are so much more empathetic in my opinion from my experiences. And don’t be afraid to drop a doctor if they just aren’t getting it. It made me very anxious to drop my psychiatrist that has been using me as her Guinea pig, but I want to get better. You got this!

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