I am feeling really defeated. These migraines make me feel useless on top of feeling cruddy. The brain fog, the dizziness, and general feeling of being off. It always triggers my anxiety too. I just want these to stop :/

Just looking for community and anybody else out there that can relate.



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  • Monkey1980


    I used to have constant debilitating migraines. I found I had two medical conditions that made them worse and treated the migraines aren't as bad and Aimovig has helped me a lot too and benedryl and Klonopin for the vertigo.

    • MJ_PDX


      thanks for the tip, I will have to look into those options.

      • SufferingMamabear


        Aimovig was my miracle drug for my migraines since '17, until this year and I couldn't afford it any longer. If you can, I definitely suggestseeing if it would work for you.

  • Shaunny


    Yes, I can definitely relate, I often get disoriented and don't know where I am when I drive sometimes...I get no relief from them as no medication seems to work! It's a never ending cycle. I can't concentrate or retain anything my memory is being affected too! I can no longer work and feel like a failure...

  • roseinlandfill


    I get them too lot struggling with migraines it's like curse I am trying new things hope it works but I can't say it works I only been on it for month

  • Noemie


    Ive been feeling a lot of this lately. I just want the pain to stop

  • MaeBea


    Same! The way things like chores and work just pile up is honestly worse than the migraine, because that just takes away from the short time spent feeling good and productive. Occasionally I just tie some icepacks around my head/neck in a scarf and go on with what I can because I might spend a little longer with a migraine, but at least it feels like I have a choice. (0/10, would not recommend 80% of the time. That's fine. Better to do whatever it takes to help it.) Just remember it won't stop life! As much as it sucks, there's still some memories I cling onto, like just sitting by the window watching the fireflies dance in the trees, and I want to experience that again. If I can just make someone mildly happy by existing like the fireflies did for me, that's use enough until I can figure this out. With the way migraine medicine has changed these past few years, I like to believe it's only a matter of time until a widely effective treatment is released.

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